Sunday, April 12, 2009

Florida April 09

This shoot took me all the way to Florida were I had the fun to Photograph 5 little girly girls, Vacationing in the US from Switzerland. My trip was a delight, I was loved on and my hosts  treated me like a princess.. what a  gorgeous,loving and energetic family.
I got the chance  in between shoots to be part of their vacation activities. Lay on the beach . Collect sea shells for Kelowna. play with the girls. See the Blue Angels show and spend a fun evening out.. Did I say that I love my job?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kelowna Spring APR09

I got my camera back..!! this was tuff!! I barely made it ..Puuuhhhhheee!!

So I garbed kelowna write out of school and unleashed some of my creative energy..
I love spring How doesn't love spring? and there is some thing about GIRLS with FLOWERS, it is instant beauty gratification....I love photographing both but together it is even better to me.. Happy EASTER to every one..And Make the most of your spring!