Friday, March 27, 2009

Emma's logo FEB09

My Camera has been in the shop for 2 week's now after breaking during my shoot in Texas.(Read Post on Jonathan & Melissa. Below in this blog page).
 It has been torturesk ,Since I cant shoot my brain is coming up with all those ideas and clients are calling for appointments. But I am stock!! My precious should return to me in a week and then I will be able to EXPRESS that need of mine to EXPRESS myself.. 
For now I am making the most off it , By taking the time to create things  that i usually never have time for  like: pillows!! WE all ready have a million, my Husband think that we both the couchs for the pillows,I caind of agree.LOL!!
I am Also making jewelry and I am designing a  big dinning Table as well as a new logo and busyness card for my sweet friend Emma ( that as asked me to come up with some thing new..So delightedly I did, and I love it! Hopefully she'll love it to?! If she doesn't ho well it will give my mind an excuse to create more...