Monday, November 16, 2009

Yew York NOV09

My sister in law texted me to let me know that she was flying from C.A to New York in 15 mn witch would take her all day . so I told Scott "hey!! why don't we go meet them for lunch?) . Since we are just 55 mn away from Virginia..
So we did ... I called my sweet friend Nicole to see if she would keep our kids for the day ( she did ,she rock's) And then we went.. took the car.. took the plain.. took the subway.. took a taxis.. and 2and half hours later we were under the Brooklyn bridge at a flies market meeting with scott sister, her husband and a couple of fiends.. we had fun touring the market and then went to eat one of the best New-York Pizza's ever at Grimaldi's. It was so great seeing our family write their in the big Apple at a snap of a finger(we don't get to se them that often).I Did not bather to take my camera but just borrowed my sons snap shot machine to snap a few images on the go..
It was time to turn around so scott & I took at walk into Brooklyn streets and wen back to the subway , the plain the car and back home with our kids.. I loved the spontaneity and the time with my husband and family .they are some great advantage to be married to a pilot for sure! Hee Hee!!..It was a treat of a day!!