Friday, February 27, 2009

Shiloh FEB09

Some time we fine ourself stock in a air port for way too long,this time we were comming back from Texas were i was working, and add to wait 5h in Salt lake city  for our next connection to Portland..So well we made the most of it..

Nuit blanche FEB09

This is my first boudoir experience, and lucky me the model was fabulous. By discretion for her I wont display all of her images, but lets say that we had a lot of fun, I would definitively do this again ..GEE... if only I had a body like that!!

Jonathan + Melissa James FEB09

This was definitively an eventful shoot..
I had traveled all the way to Fort-worth Texas to Photograph Jonathan and Melissa. we were shooting in a perfect stop and they were the cutes couple of them all  that day . Both of them smiling 100% of the time from one ear to an other. I was thinking"  I LOVE my job , how lucky I am to get to do this for a leaving)  All was very fairy tale like ..T'ill the mirror of  my camera fell off and we had to run to the nearest store in the middle of our shoot. I then  had to Glue the mirror into place hopping it would work and it did.
My 2 lovely birds were more thank great about the event and we resumed our shoot. 
 So then we went back to their VERY nice car barrows form Jonathan Mother, and I realise then that in my previous panic in trying to glue my mirror . I had left the glue tube on the seat next to me..
Well the tube was definitively securely fasten just were I had left it. Well incurred into the seat to my total horror. I some what managed to retrieve it leaving a nice glue mark on the cream leather seat.. completely mortified i was thinking "what more could go wrong?"  in  complete despair!! It is went I returned home that I finally hit that 3 bad luck strike and managed to delete all my images out off my memory card wile loading them into my computer..HAAAAAAAAAA!!!! please some body hold me down wile I am lousing my mind...It was wen I learned all about lost memories retrieving program and that my friend Shannon came and saved me from the mental dorm I had put myself into..
I testify there is a GOD he definitively showed to my door those times and all ended the way it had started like a fairy tale.  PPPUUUHHHEEEEHHH!!!.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I will be leaving for las Vegas to the WPPI convention
( Wedding Professional photographers international) this coming Saturday with My great friend Leah, and meeting with many wonderful Photographer friends, to learn more and better Myself as a Photographer..I am SOO exited..Talk back wen I return..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scott Richards FEB09

Meet scott.. I love my Husband and believe it or not now a day s it is not that much of a clicher. Scott as been working so hard to be where he is today, i am so proud of his accomplishments in life, he just turned 40 this winter and I think he looks even better with the years..He is truly one amazing person, i could go on and on about how amazing i think he is.. but I think you will find that out fairly quickly by just spending time with him.

Contess Kelowna FEB09

MY  little girl is the merriest of them all, I love her to peaces..She is the sweetest, meltiest little thing in the all world..and she was SOOOoooo pretty in her beautiful dress... I am a lucky Mom.

Valentines FEB09

Happy Valentines to every one!!! 
The kids and I had fun putting on a show for you..Enjoy!!