Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shannon JUN09

I mate Shannon 2 weeks after arriving to Or, that was 2.1/2 years ago now.Our kids were in the same classes and she happened to be a photographer too!! I have grown to like her immencely over the few years spent near each other (I leave write around the corner for her). Shannon is quoit a BIG DEAL to me, in many ways, she is an AMAZING photographer, quoit a Big Deal in fact!!( I have learned so much from her). She is a great mother and a very loving and giving friend. She would absolutely never admit that she is simply Amazing, but will go along me jockeying wen I say that she is a Big Deal.. Even if really she think little off herself witch make her even a BigGer deal to me.
She is the quiet kind (I usually do all the talking) with a very witty humor that snap you on the butt wen you the least expect it, cutting the wind out of your pipe and making you giggle inside.
 Wen I saw the Big Deal T-shirt I thought off her and she humored me by Playing the part,even if I had to bag a little,OK.. a lot!! but it was a fun time spent together witch made it all worth it.
Thank you Shannon for being a wonderfull and loving friend to me.

Whiteside family JUN09

The Whiteside family lives in McMinnville, about two hours away from where we live in Portland. The drive there was so pretty and peaceful, exactly like them. I got the chance to bring my family along for the day and we were treated to a wonderful evening, and a delicious dinner after our shoot. Brian Whiteside is a gifted photographer and a pilot (Yes, God blessed some of us more then others..LOL) . So , to be chosen by him to photograph his family is flattering - but also be a bit nerve wracking. Luckily, Brian and his family know my style of photography and went along with it. They were all relaxed and themselves, it was a real joy.

Oxbow JUN09

We leave in the Northwest of the the US, near Portland. My Husband and I discovered a an amazing Park near our home Called "Oxbow park"not so easy to fine.
Oxbow is one of the most fascinating park I have been into.
One day wile we made our entrance to start one off our multiple hike in the park ,we found ourselves steeping into a movie set actively filming  part of what was going to be the movie "Twilight".
 We saw smock all over the forest along with tents trailers and a lot of very quiet peoples. 
 Apparently this site wasn't just fascinating to us. 
 I have always dream of a photo-shoot in this beautiful place, so I came up with a faire tale that matched my view of the place, were I had dreamed so often wile walking the ferniest trails..

Apex limousine JUNE09

Mr Johnson as a beautiful Limousine, My family and I had the pleasure to go on some ride's in several occasions and it is always a great adventure. If you want to enjoy a moment of fun, don't hesitate to Check out his web site at www.westernlimousine.com or give him a call at (503) 459 3000. He would be more then happy to give you a ride..

Ron+Verra johnson JUN09

It was so sweet to spend a day with Ron and Verra in down town Portland, I loved to witness how in love they were and how beautiful they looked..