Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hotel Monaco MAY09

This was a really fun project, I got to play dress up in a very nice hotel in Portland ,with real life dolls. I shot for 7H strait with out even noticing the time passing.We had a blast, drinking champagne and eating cookies wile doing stuff that girls really like( .. running around in lingerie..LOL!)
I have to Thank my Amazing crew. Vera( the talented make up artiste), Shandra ( the creative air dresser, and sweet assistant), my Lovely and so talented photographer friend Shannon for letting me use her lights, end even delivering them to me and finally my 2 super cute Models, Michelle (can you believe that she has 4 kids..Dang!! ),and Danielle ( yes her eye lashes are real!!) Thank girly's ..XOXOXO...

VIctoria-Emmanuelle MAY09

One cutie in Portland city...

Tahlan MAY09

Tahlan had a Casting with Converse shoes. We dressed up for the part then took a few shot before going ..It is  always a good excuse to play doll.. They grow so fast, soon I wont have any choice in the matter, better make the most of it wile I still can...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easley girls

 This family has the most incredible yard. If you could picture the garden of Eden in spring with Eve daughters walking around, well that what it was like too me, judge for yourself..LOL!..