Friday, July 31, 2009

Going to Paris

My family and I will be going to france from the 1 to the 18 of August. Have a great summer every one!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lombardi family JULY09

 If you are a pre teen and your Daddy sale Professional Drums sets for a leaving, you would have no choice but end up as future rock star of all kinds, making a tone of noise all along the way.. The Lombardi kids were as sweet as can be and not as Noisy as  expected .. Perhaps they will be quieter rock stars ?LOL.

Caden Muscarella JULY09

Caden will melt you all the way down to nothing!! he is so darn cute!! his is easy going and just plain good on the inside. I can even imagine what he will be looking like as a Man.. Take a ticket lady's the line is going to be long ;)

Ciera Muscarella JULY09

Ciera is Very strong and athletic. She is growing up on the California coast with 2 big brothers. She was my little bay watch for a day and ruled the beach like she rule her house, with love and determination.

Ryan Muscarella JULY09

Ryan is an awesome 11 years old, full off energy. His spirit shine like the sun. You can see in his eye that his future old all possibilities. His smile melt you from the inside out. There is not a bad bone into that boy.. Girls are gone fall like flys..I love that kid!