Sunday, November 30, 2008

Muscarella kids NOV08

My husband & I are bless by our familys, we are surrounded buy wonderful and beautiful kids on both side.Scott family came into town and  I garbed all occasions to capture there wonderful faces..

Leah Harb NoV08

I had the pleasure to Photograph my sweet photographer friend Leah Harb, not only she is super talented but she is gorgeous as well..We had a blast doing what we love most. 2h of fun went like water draining in a faucet,but by that time she was starving..lucky for her other wise I would still be shooting.Go check her out at , I Love what she does, she rock's.

Full fun OCT08

After our shoot wen went back out for some real fun, and I casually captured a moment in time.

Oregon fall OCT08

I have seen many falls during my existence but I have to say that some of the prettiest ones are write here in Oregon, and just outside my I garbed the kids and made sure to capture all of the magnificent colors.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hannah Easley SEP 08

Hannah was due for her Senior portraits to be done, I came up with the idea to go to the fare grounds, some how it seemed  fitting her personality very well since she had spent the previous summer working at a fair ground in San Diego CA.It made sens for her not to be by herself so we asked her sisters to was very fun and i  had a total ball shooting wile catching rides.. some of them made me feeling very sick but at the end I loved the result.